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We are two retired women from New Zealand, busy travelling the world. Our quest is to experience other cultures before they are changed beyond recognition, and see endangered animals and environments before they disappear. We hope you like our blog and enjoy our exploits. We sure have had fun getting here.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


Entered Austria on Thursday staying overnight in the Thayatal National Forest. We had trouble finding our campsite but thanks to a local cyclist who, finding that she could not explain the directions, instructed us to follow her on her bicylcle - so we did and all was good.
We then moved on to the “Wachau" district which is one of the Austrian wine regions. Apart from vineyards and wineries, it is also full of beautiful little towns all focussed on wine. The Wachau district runs alongside the Danube and so we our spent our 2nd night in Austria camped in a great little spot beside the Danube after enjoying a traditional Austrian meal and a glass (or 2!) of the local wine – very yummy.
Dinner at Schonbuhel on the Danube
We visited some great sites including Melk Abbey dating back to 980, Rosenburg Schloss (castle), and another national park.

Melk Abbey
Found our way to Vienna on Saturday with Marg driving us safely through the narrow and busy roads (as she did in Prague) and to our current campsite which is on the western side of Vienna and, once again, on the Danube. We have a lovely private spot and plan to spend 4 or so nights here.

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