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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Another tight spot Leigh got me into!

Driving south from Zadar we wound down the coast with some spectacular views & lots of cute villages with narrow roads. We wanted to stop between Trogir & Split but had our usual trouble of not being able to find the listed campsite. Finally we found a sign, followed it & of course, no campsite! We decided to go to the sign posted tourist information place at the village of Stari-Kastel but the first road down to the village looked way too narrow so we moved on a few corners & turned down a very narrow street but it was OK as it was one-way! Found a park which was a major achievement for our van in small village & asked the locals – no campsite - so we had to manoeuvre our way out of the narrow streets & small village – easier said than done!

At the first very sharp corner we had a local cafĂ© owner accusing us of hitting his overhanging awning! In fact we only touched a vine on the edge! Then we couldn’t fit around next corner as a builder’s van was in the way so we got them to move it – onwards we went & around the corner to find we had to go up the street that had looked far too narrow earlier! SCARY! So we put the mirrors in, & Leigh was guiding us forward millimetre by millimetre (literally).  Marg got the van past the first couple of cars & then several locals became interested giving advice as which way to edge forward. We managed to get past a parked car without leaving behind any paint on either it or the wall of the house on the other side - a major achievement as there was absolutely NO spare room!

By this time the all the locals were out on the street or hanging out their windows & doors to see the mad Kiwis drive their campervan up their minute street! Several more cars had to be passed including one where an anxious chappie quickly moved his Jeep into a driveway & a woman rushed out of another house to tell us she was moving her car. We think the village grapevine had said we were coming! Finally we got to the top of the street & swore we wouldn’t go into such a small place again, well at least until next time!!!

We wish we had photos to show how tight it was but that wasn’t a priority! The locals who helped or watched were very friendly & helpful but are most probably still wondering what possessed these mad women to drive into their village!

A pleasant surprise awaited us at our next stop in Split. We discovered signs to a campsite we did not know of & ended up right on the edge of the water on the beautiful Croatian coast.

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  1. Would have been super amusing to be a fly on the wall watching that! No doubt they are still talking about you two down at the local :-)