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We are two retired women from New Zealand, busy travelling the world. Our quest is to experience other cultures before they are changed beyond recognition, and see endangered animals and environments before they disappear. We hope you like our blog and enjoy our exploits. We sure have had fun getting here.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Purchases & HIgh Tatras

The goodies!

The Slippers - very elegant!
We made some purchases from Monique  before we left for the next part of our journey - home-made slippers (perfect for the chilly nights) knitted by one of her neighbours; Monique’s home-made cherry-plum liqueur to help warm us up as we drove around the mountains of Slovakia - very yummy & some delicious home-made berry jam.

We headed off toward Poprad and after a mistaken turn-off found the Grand Castle which had a restaurant. Being lunch time, we decided to partake of the local fare called Ballroom Balls – yes, I know what you are thinking - but they were great. Smoked ham inside potato dumplings with sauerkraut – excellent with the local white wine.

Today we enjoyed the most picturesque village of Stary Smokov then went up the high Tatras to the ski fields in a cable car. Great views. The campsite we were aiming for in this area was closed, so we found ourselves free-camping again. This time, outside a local and very flash hotel where we enjoyed a local beer with Eduard the manager/owner(?) who kindly let us camp in  his carpark.

We must say that we would have been lost many times on this trip if it hadn’t been for the new Samsung Galaxy phone purchased before we left. It has, among other things, GPS. It’s been great as we have focussed on the small back roads and villages that barely show on the paper maps.


  1. Cherry Plum liquor sounds pretty good to me. Nice slippers too :)

  2. I love the slippers bet there not much drink left.