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Friday, 26 August 2011


Fortress walls from harbour cruise
Coming into the Grand Harbour at Malta was a wonderful sight on the big catamaran (built in W. Australia!). It is a beautiful protected harbour lined with ancient buildings, castles & fortress walls. We were really excited about coming to Malta because Leigh’s family name is Maltese & while we didn’t see everyone walking around with ‘Gatt’ tattooed on their forehead, we did see a sign for Joseph Gatt – Jeweller (related...who knows!!).

Air con & Wifi!
We were eager to arrive at our accommodation, which was advertised as a cute old apartment in Senglea, one of the 3 old towns in Malta, and overlooking the Grand Harbour. Unfortunately, the apartment did not live up to its advertisement & was not only old, but very tired & extremely dirty! Yuck! We can do old, cute, rustic etc but not dirt & we decided that we could not stay there. Luckily we could get wifi & so started searching for new accommodation, which we found in a hotel in Sliema; a more touristy area but with very good access to buses, ferries, etc. A short time later, & after a very stressful time, we had clean and air conditioned accommodation to rest our weary bodies. We have been in communication with the landlord (in Norway) since, & he is going to refund our money - yay - as life was looking a little expensive!

View of harbour & Valletta
Malta has an amazing heritage, attracts lots and lots of British tourists & everything is British and tourist focussed (e.g. tourist menus, discos, etc – a veritable “Brighton”!). It is very hot & humid at this time of the year and we gathered that most people were there for the heat - we saw lots of bodies toasted, basted, grilled, baked and over-baked from the sun. It was entertaining to people-watch the pool area from our balcony - what a battle to make sure one gets outside to claim the right sun lounge early in the morning & then get it facing the just the right way - great entertainment! We found it just too hot to do that & do not enjoy being crowded together in a lido-like situation, so our focus was on getting around and seeing the place.

Leigh & friend
We took a harbour cruise which was a fantastic way to see all the wonderful buildings around the water & learn about their history. We caught the water taxi to Valletta, the capital city & saw a great audio visual show about the long & varied history of Malta which we really enjoyed. We wandered around the narrow streets (of which many do not allow cars because of steps & narrow little ways), crowded with old, old buildings (some are done up nicely & others are a bit old & rugged).

Leigh by fountain
One night we ventured onto the local bus to take us to a wine festival held in a lovely garden with a wonderful view of Valletta and the Grand Harbour. We got a glass for our entry fee of 10 Euros, sampled some really delicious local wines, made a couple of purchases, listened to the latest in Maltese pop music, and watched the sunset over the Grand Harbour as the city lit up for the evening. Lots & lots of people, some with their young families with them, and all having a great time.

Gate to Mdina
The next day we got on the Hop-on hop-off bus to do a tiki tour of the island as we felt it would give us a good overview of the place. We stopped off at Mdina, the old capital of Malta which dates back to 1500BC. It is a very beautiful old walled city and we enjoyed walking around its fortifications and narrow streets, visiting some of the many churches and admiring the fantastic medieval and baroque architecture - despite the intense heat. We also visited a lot of smaller towns’ en-route – all which were unique to Malta in some way.

Marg & friends
We found Malta to be a very dry place but certain areas had a lot of intensive agriculture, including olives & grapes. While it has a wonderful heritage that can be seen in the diverse architecture, it is also the most tourist and British-oriented place that we have been to outside England! The coast seems to be entirely devoted to the tourist dollar & the further we went around it, the more we saw lidos full of baking bodies, tourist shops selling ghastly stuff, & lots of food places (often fast food, greasy looking & not attractive). All rather disappointing as we had not expected this level of tourism. We did have a lovely genuine Maltese meal at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that we found up a side street. However, when trying to recapture the experience a few nights later, had quite a different experience, as the seafood had been frozen and was not cooked well, yuck!

Fishing boats
An exception was Marsaxlokk which is a very small fishing port rather than a beach, and tourist interests were minimal compared to the main beaches in Malta. Despite it all, we loved the Maltese architecture and the local people who are very friendly & speak both English & their own language of Maltese. However, we were happy to catch our ferry back to Vanni then return to Italy.

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  1. All sounds just terrible guys! How are you coping with the continuous holiday and great times?

    Love your coffee buddies Mum - they look like they are having a grand old time. Awesome photos too xx